Podcast Episode 171 (113): Leave a Sticky Note

    Sep 18, 2023

    One day, I came home to find a sticky note on the counter. It said, “Aphrodesiacs in the freezer.”

    My husband was at it again.

    He’d been to the grocery store, and as I peeked inside the freezer, I found the four containers of Breyer’s chocolate/peanut butter ice cream he’d bought, hoping that my favorite treat would catapult me into an amorous mood.

    Well, at least it made me laugh. And realize the power of a sticky note to bring a little joy. 

    Everyone needs affirmation, and the power of such a tiny gesture can be mighty, indeed. 

    You can leave sticky notes for your children, a parent, a friend, anywhere they’ll be sure to see them: on a locker, a pillow, a book, the TV, on their phone, the front door, the bathroom mirror, the steering wheel of the car…

    And you don’t have to even personally know the recipient of your note of encouragement.

    Listen in for some inspiration to lift the spirits of someone in need–and maybe yourself–by firing a sticky little joy shot into their day…or night.


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