Podcast Episode 172 (39): Live a Kindness Adventure

    Sep 25, 2023

    So. The holidays are comin’ like a freight train.

    And also like a freight train, they are loaded.

    With hope. Or hopelessness.

    With peace. Or stress.

    Maybe you have too much to do. Or not enough to do.

    Maybe you have family drama. Or not enough family to create drama.

    Maybe you look forward to the next month. Or maybe you just wish it were over.

    For sure, in some ways, this holiday season will be like no other, with unanswered questions about how we’ll navigate cherished traditions in light of uncertainty and social distancing.

    We are already missing loved ones we haven’t been able to see or hug, and there’s a good chance we’ll feel that lack even more acutely in the next month.

    But take heart, my friends. There is hope for us in this season and way beyond.

    Because I have an invitation for you that can create joy, and also be some crazy good therapy for the blues you may be singing: Tap into a passion of yours and use it to bring joy to someone else in a Kindness Adventure.

    The stories in this episode will lead the way…

    Make a Joy Box for Someone You Care About

    Know someone who’s going through a tough time right now or want to celebrate some goodness happening in a friend’s life?

    Get some ideas for making a joy box that will definitely brighten the day--and maybe even the life--of someone you care about. I’ve saved you the headspace of trying to “think up” a special gift of encouragement.

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