Podcast Episode 181: Search for Truth

    Nov 27, 2023

    The quest for truth starts very young.

    Kids (probably you as a kid, along with the rest of us) will believe close to anything if it’s put to them in an authoritative way. For instance, what did you believe as a kid that was totally untrue?  Maybe you were convinced that carrots make you see in the dark if you eat them all off your plate, or if you crossed your eyes, they could freeze that way.

    And adults are sometimes just as gullible as kids. Some people think that just because a headline is in print, it’s true (think National Enquirer) or, more recently that if you see it on the internet, it’s fact.

    We laugh about what we believed as kids, and even about falsehoods that many adults take as truths. But perhaps the most destructive inaccurate beliefs of adults (maybe you) involve believing untruths about yourself.

    In this episode, though, we find that amid all the negative thoughts you have about yourself (“I’m so stupid,” “I’m such a screwup,” “I’m a loser, ”) there is an undeniable truth about you that you must know.

    It’ll make you feel better, I promise. Listen in!


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