Podcast Episode 188: Take a Break

    Jan 15, 2024

    What if you had an invitation to spend 24 hours a week doing whatever would fill your soul with deep joy—whatever would make you “spontaneously combust with wonder, awe, gratitude and praise”?

    Who could resist, right?

    Well, here’s the good news! You’ve already received your standing invite to this kind of delight!

    The bad news? Many, many of us ignore it completely.


    We’re just too busy.

    John Mark Comer, in his book The Ruthless Elimination of  Hurry, says, We get tired and worn out; our immune systems start to falter, miss a step. Another cold. It’s like our nervous systems are trying to get our attention.

    Yet we push on. Until, inevitably, we crash. Something in our minds or bodies gives out, and we end up flat on our backs. 

    It happened to him. And I’m guessing he’s not the only one who’s needed a big ol’ break in the form of Sabbath. If you, too feel the need for time to feed your soul, this episode will offer some ways to do that—even in the form of a “mini-Sabbath.” Listen in if you need some rejuvenation of your body and soul.


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