Podcast Episode 189: Just Say No

    Jan 22, 2024

    Have you ever had trouble saying “no”? Maybe you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, maybe you wanted someone to like you, maybe you just didn’t have the right words. If so, you may consider today’s episode your permission slip to proclaim the great big ol’ NUH UH that’s in your gut.

    Since an inability to say “no” can do you more harm than good, you should absolutely feel justified saying no

    1. If you feel uncomfortable

    2.When you just feel guilty or obliged

    3. When you’re overloaded

    4. If the request crosses personal boundaries

    5. If you’re only saying yes to please someone else.

    It can take a little practice, however, to convey that message in a most effective way. Find out how—and how not to—in this episode!

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