Podcast Episode 192: Stop Overthinking For A While

    Mar 18, 2024

    Anybody ever told you that you’re “overthinking” a set of circumstances?

    Even if you’ve never been openly accused of it, the truth is, everyone overthinks situations sometimes. 

    Maybe you, like me, have found your own mind spiraling into worst case scenarios, engaging in way too much unnecessary “What if-ing,” or obsessing about making the wrong decision. 

    Maybe you would love to stop making way too many things way too complicated for a while and give your brain and your very soul a rest.

    Maybe you would love to put your “overthoughts” in a drawer, and slam that puppy shut.

    If so, listen in to this week’s podcast for some ways to find relief from all that mental stress, and find some joy in your “no matter what”! 

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