Podcast Episode 194: Make An 8-Minute Phone Call

    Apr 22, 2024

    Ever hesitate to call someone you’d love to talk to because you just didn’t have time? 

    Guilty. I know how it is.

    When I want to “catch up” with a friend, I want a good hour, anyway. But with this mindset, I end up not calling at all, and so I’ve missed many, many opportunities to connect with someone I cared about, just because I didn’t have an hour. 

    But there’s evidence that a quick 8-minute phone call might  be the key to some  happiness.

    In response to that piece of good news, the New York Times in 2023 issued a 7-day happiness challenge. Day 2 was possibly the most challenging challenge of all: to make an 8-minute phone call so someone you care about.

    You’ll love hearing about one woman’s response to that, and be inspired by the fact that even a very short  call from you has the power to make someone’s day. Or life.

     There’s a gold mine of joy out there that we’re not paying attention to, my friend.

     Listen in to find out how we can all dig in and discover it!


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