Podcast Episode 195-Make Friends with Not Knowing

    May 6, 2024

    Not knowing is hard sometimes, right?

    I want to know stuff, don’t you?  I want to know about people’s checkered pasts.  I want juicy details about people’s stories, and reasons why some people can’t do right, and explanations for why they do what they do.

    And being curious and eager to know can be beneficial and exciting and brain expanding. But surely you have had an experience where you found out more than you wanted to know—like the number of hours you’ve spent online in your life so far. 

    But what about things we want to know but don’t…and can’t?

    The whys,
    The whens,
    The “How long, O Lords,”
    The what ifs 
    And the why nots.

    Sometimes, we just need to relax into the unknown, and trust God to handle the sideways parts of life. 

    Not always easy. 

    But if you’re struggling with the unknown, this week’s episode just might help you with that. Listen in!

    Thanks for joining Jill Baughan today on Finding Joy …No Matter What.

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