Episode 196 – Keep Something Special

    May 20, 2024

    ​In 1991, my friend Iris went to the movies at a Regal cinema, and bought a drink to go with her popcorn. The cup was red and white with a mean looking figure on the front, and –in honor of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the \Terminator 2 movie that had been recently released, Regal cinemas called this cup The Regalator. Cool cup, but what made it really special was the fact that you could keep bringing it back to the cinema indefinitely, and get a refill for just one dollar.

    And 33 years later Iris is still bringing it back to the movies for her one dollar—yes, one dollar—refill.

    I think she should set the cup out in her living room for all to see, because that thing has brought her so much joy.

    And maybe you need to haul out a special something of your own—useful or not— to inspire some gladness in all who see it.

    In this age of minimalist decorating and pressure to keep countertops bare and your living space immaculate and tasteful, this episode is your permission slip to set a little piece of delight in your daily path, no matter how nonsensical it looks to everyone else.

    Listen in! Then set that thing out and feel the joy…

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