Refreshing…poignant…Baughan knows how to write. She’s funny!

    – Steve Penhollow, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

    Wise, witty and, of course, wild, Born To Be Wild is destined to get your motor running and aim you toward your ‘playground’ of choice, saving you hours of therapy and a whole lot of money in the process.

    – Marcia Ford, author of Memoir of a Misfit


    Born to Be Wild: Rediscover the Freedom of Fun

    Everyone begins life with an unlimited capacity for fun. But sometimes life intervenes with responsibilities and losses that can send our sense of levity underground. In Born To Be Wild: Rediscover the Freedom of Fun, Jill Baughan urges readers to resurrect and unleash the power of play. By using Scripture and 35 funny yet poignant stories from her own life, Jill offers specific ways to help you.

    • Fit more fun into your day.
    • Restore adventurous dreams that you’ve postponed
    • Use moments of fun to experience joy even in times of grief
    • Find the courage to take light-hearted risks
    • Rediscover the playful person God created you to be

    Learn to lighten up from a pro who learned to lighten up from the Creator of Fun.

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    The Embrace of a Father (contributor)The Embrace of a Father cover

    A follow up to The Heart of a Father, these heart-warming stories compiled by Wayne Holmes about the effect dads can have on their kids will encourage and inspire.

    Wayne Holmes is a freelance writer, teacher, and speaker whose writing has appeared in several books and magazines. He and his family live near Cincinnati, Ohio.

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    A Hope Deferred: A Couple’s Guide to Coping with InfertilityA Hope Deferred cover

    One in six couples will experience the agony of infertility. Approximately 50 percent of those couples will eventually conceive and carry a child to full term… 50 percent will not.

    Whether an infertile couple eventually has a child or not takes second place to the agony of waiting, to the pressure of coping with a daily grief that affects every area of a couple’s life — to the marriage relationship, to faith in God’s wisdom and compassion.

    How a couple faces this crisis can mean the difference between times of destruction and bitterness or times of emotional maturity and spiritual growth. A Hope Deferred is a Christian couple’s guide to coping positively with the wait. It is a book that voices gut-level emotion while offering hope and encouragement in a practical way.

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